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Jamie's Story

Sight Loss

Losing sight doesn’t mean losing your identity. 

Several years ago, soon after Jamie started losing his sight, he was advised that he needed an urgent kidney and pancreas transplant. The dread of imminent death is something Jamie will never forget. However, a match was found, the transplant was successful, and his sight stabilised. 

But the trauma he experienced due to sight loss and the need for life saving surgery, had a devastating effect on Jamie’s confidence, causing him to slide into depression and preventing him from engaging with the world outside his home for two years afterwards. 

But with support from loved ones, Jamie eventually got back on his feet, reconnecting with his many friends and varied interests. Jamie is now as strong and characterful as ever. A powerful advocate for people with disability through the many forums he is involved with, but also creative, funny, flamboyant, scathing and caring. 

After resuming his interest in amateur dramatics Jamie appeared in pantomime, where his hairdressing skills are regularly put to good use styling the players’ wigs. He has also competed at dressage, shown dogs and poultry, and now breeds and shows rabbits, guinea pigs and budgies. Jamie’s garden, which has benefitted from his creativity and energy, now features a pond, ambient lighting, stunning fuchsias, and a scratch-built aviary. Cake making, art and needlework also rank amongst Jamie’s many accomplishments. The projects just keep coming! 

Perhaps you have seen, or heard, Jamie in media interviews commenting on issues, and items of interest? You might even remember him, and his partner, being pipped at the post on the TV show Coach Trip! 

Jamie is proof that not only can you get back on your feet after sight loss – you can also enjoy life and make a difference. Losing sight doesn’t mean losing your identity.

“Losing sight doesn’t mean losing your identity.”