International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Not all Disabilities are Visible.

Whilst most people are very considerate towards Islanders with sight loss, we hope the following points will help clear up any misunderstandings: Most people with sight loss won’t look any different from anyone else. Very few people with sight loss are completely blind, most have some useful vision left. Some people with impaired sight use […]

Diabetic Eye Disease Month

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the leading causes of blindness in the developed world, yet it is largely preventable. If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, it is important to have your eyes screened annually by the diabetic retinal screening service at the General Hospital/Overdale. The staff there are highly specialised in diabetic […]

EYECAN November 2022 Newsletter

Image shows Simone who is wearing a pink and grey jumper. She is leaning forward in her chair and holding Basil’s paw in her left hand. Sarah is wearing black and is sitting down next to Simone with Basil on her lap. Basil is a small white therapy dog.

Hello once again to all friends of EYECAN. We hope you are keeping well, and that life is treating you kindly. Staff changes to EYECAN Those of you who visit the Centre regularly may have noticed some new faces amongst the staff team. EYECAN is pleased to welcome Catherine Swemmer as the Charity’s Finance Manager, […]

EYECAN Christmas Raffle

Image shows EYECAN raffle ticket showing prize amounts and details of the draw date.

EYECAN is holding their Christmas Raffle on 22nd December at Westlea Centre. Tickets are now available for £2.50 each. First prize is £1,000. If you want to be in with a chance to win any of the three cash prizes please give us a call on 864689 or email [email protected] Be quick, they sell fast!! […]

EYECAN Virtual Tour

image of Eyecan entrance

Take a virtual tour through Westlea Centre, with this exciting 360-degree tour completed by Rebecca Hardy – Bishop.

Community Cost Bonus

Do you anticipate struggling to pay bills due to rising living costs? The Community Costs Bonus is an annual payment to help households that are just above the Income Support level with the cost of GST on food. This used to be called the Food Cost Bonus. The Community Cost Bonus for 2022 is £516.50. […]

World Mental health Day

EYECAN understands the impact sight loss can have on Islanders’ mental health. We make it our business to help people adjust to life after sight loss, but we know that other factors can also affect well-being. The Covid pandemic has undermined the sense of security for many, as has the energy crisis, the steep rise […]

EYECAN Full Circle Art Through an Eye Display

EYECAN at the Full Circle Festival at Millbrook Park. We are displaying some of our members art through an eye made from recycled glass lenses which have been placed in an eye shaped metal case with creator staff member Lorna behind.

August Newsletter

Hello once again to all friends of EYECAN. I’m sure you’ll agree that the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations were special. I hope you managed to see EYECAN members’ display of silvery flowers clustered by the roadside opposite St Martin’s Vielle Ecole. So many people remarked on how lovely they looked! Without taking a moment to […]

Our scarecrows are complete!

We can finally reveal what our members were busy making in July….scarecrows! Our two scarecrows and ‘scarecrow’ guide dog are complete and ready for the scarecrow festival. One of the scarecrows is Louis Braille who was a French educator and inventor of a reading and writing system for use by people who are visually impaired. […]