Image of EYECAN member Sha Khan wearing a bright yellow running shirt. He is punching his fist in the air. Behind him are red and white barriers

EYECAN member Sha Khan has been pushing himself to the limits with his running, swimming and cycling. In this article by Move More he explains all.

Nystagmus Awareness Day

Richard Osman, the television presenter, producer, comedian, director and novelist has nystagmus, which causes his eyes to move or “wobble” constantly.

Fir Cuttings Wanted

WE NEED YOUR HELP ! We are making Christmas wreaths with our members and need fir cuttings. If you are picking up your Christmas tree this weekend, please bear us in mind for any off cuts that you may have as we can put them to good use. Please contact us and we can arrange […]

Essential Oils for Wellbeing Course

Our sense of smell is powerful and there is research that suggests essential oils can improve mental health. Jersey Recovery college are running Essential Oils for Wellbeing – for those with sight loss on Tuesday 8th and 15th November from 2.15 to 4.15 pm at Age Concern, Val Plaisant. This accessible course is being run […]

What are we working on?

Our Activity Club members have been very busy over the past few weeks. Can you guess what they are working on? All will be revealed at the end of August….

EYECAN Summer Lunch

On 16th June EYECAN’s social club members, staff and volunteers enjoyed a beautiful three course lunch in the Rosiere Suite at St. Brelade’s Bay Hotel, Jersey The event, which compensated for all the Christmas meals missed since 2019, was such a success that it looks set to become a fixture. Excellent food and sunshine are […]

Deafblind Awareness Week

Communication Isolation Sight or hearing loss can occur at any time but particularly as people get older. However, some people may experience a loss to both senses, which is termed, dual sensory loss. Individuals with dual sensory loss are greatly disadvantaged because they cannot compensate for hearing or sight loss with a sense that remains […]

Myopia Awareness Week 23rd to 27th May

Responding to increasing rates of short-sightedness in children, Eye specialists and EYECAN are working together to raise awareness of proactive measures to protect against myopia. Myopia, or shortsightedness, occurs when an image does not accurately focus on the back of the eye. Children who are short sighted typically have better near vision than distance vision […]

Mental Health Awareness Week 9th – 15th May

Image shows lady looking pensively out the window

If you struggled to use phones, email, or social media how would you maintain your contacts? Would public transport get you directly to your destination at a convenient time or would outings become too difficult to undertake with confidence? Would you persevere with your activities and engagements? Would you feel you had anything interesting to […]

Sight impairment in the workplace

For several years EYECAN have worked closely with RBC Wealth Management and employee Jenny Stafford to support her in the workplace. In this video, Jenny talks about the support that has been put in place and how that has enabled her to continue to work effectively.