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Community Cost Bonus payment applications are open

2023 Community Cost Bonus payment applications are open Community Costs Bonus The Community Costs Bonus is an annual payment to help households that are just above the Income Support level with the cost of GST on food. This used to be called the Food Cost Bonus. The Community Cost Bonus for 2023 is £516.50. Who can claim the Community Cost Bonus A household can claim the bonus when all of the following apply: at least 1 adult member has been resident in Jersey for the last 5 years the household had a combined tax liability of less than £2,735 for 2022 The household is not receiving Income Support Who is included in a household A household is defined in the same way as it is for Income Support purposes. A household can be any of the following: – a person living alone – a couple (married or not married) – a family living together at the same address with children under school leaving age or still in full time education or job-seeking. Please visit https://www.gov.je/benefits/allowances/pages/communitycostsbonus.aspx for more information.

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