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Diabetes Awareness Week

Severe sight loss or blindness can be caused by diabetes. Whilst there are specific diabetes related sight conditions, diabetes also increases the likelihood of cataracts or glaucoma.
EYECAN supports Islanders with sight loss, no matter how that sight loss is caused.
Diabetes Jersey supports people with diabetes and raises public awareness of the need for testing. www.diabetesjersey.com
Our annual event Walk in My Shoes is focusing on diabetic retinopathy. Participants will have the chance to learn for themselves about the experience of diabetic sight loss, whilst representatives from Diabetes Jersey and Diabetes Retinal Screening will be on hand to offer preventative, and practical advice. Walk in My Shoes is being held at St Martin’s Parish Green on Sunday 26th June. visit www.eyecan.je for more detail.
image of a elderly persons hand with a child's hand holding a sugar level device