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EYECAN Full Circle Preparation

After being selected to create an art installation at the Full Circle Festival our members and volunteers have been busy preparing our display.

We are grateful for the support from Keda Structures helping us with the design and construction. With particular mention to David and Keith of Keda and to Jose for constructing the frame that will sit within our container. Thanks also to the team at ROK Group for supporting us in this project.

Our installation ‘Glimpse’ will allow participants to appreciate the artistic talents of our visually impaired members, as well as having a glimpse through the eyes of our members using simulation glasses which replicate different eye conditions. In the centre of our gallery will feature a giant eye using recycled spectacle lens.

The Full Circle Festival takes place in Coronation Park on 27th and 28th August.
Image shows 3 lady volunteers wearing red EYECAN shirts cleaning spectacle lens