Eyecan Logo

EYECAN taking part in the Full Circle Festival

EYECAN are pleased to announce that their application to create an art installation at The Full Circle Festival has been successful.

The project involves creating an art installation in a shipping container with the focus on ‘The environment’. Our installation will include recycled spectacles suspended on a free-standing metal frame that will form the shape of our EYECAN logo.

Artwork created by our members will be displayed within the container. Visitors to the container will be able to experience the whole installation through Simulated spectacles that replicate certain eye conditions.

Our activity club members have been busy over the past two weeks getting creative and preparing for the event.

The Full Circle Festival takes place in Coronation Park on 27th and 28th August.
Image shows the wording "Excited to be taking part! 27th and 28th August", in white font, on a spectrum of warm sunny colours. The EYECAN logo can be seen in the background, as well as the Full Circle Festival logo in the top right hand corner