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Mary’s Golf Fundraiser

Mary lost her eye last year in a golfing accident, but after a period of recovery has bravely stepped back onto the golf course with the support of her friends at St. Clement’s Ladies golf club.

Mary decided to organise a fundraiser for EYECAN, where her friends were made to wear an eye patch to replicate her own condition, for a round of putting.

EYECAN’s Sight Support Officer Agnetta was invited to the fundraiser to talk about the work that EYECAN does to support people with sight loss, and to gratefully receive the cheque for the money raised. Many thanks Mary for your efforts in both fundraising and raising awareness.
Image shows EYECAN's Sight Support Officer Agnetta with her arm around Mary. Mary is wearing a blue sweater and smiling at the camera. Agnetta is in her EYECAN uniform and is holding a cheque towards the camera.