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Sun Awareness Week 2nd – 8th May

Did you know that the sun rays which cause sunburn can also harm your eyes?
Invisible UVA and UVB rays enter our eyes whenever we’re exposed to sunlight. Usually, our eyes can absorb the rays without damage being caused. However, high exposure to them is a risk factor in the development of cataract.

People who spend a lot of time outdoors should consider protection for their eyes. As UV exposure is intensified when the environment contains reflective surfaces, such as water or snow, eye protection is recommended for anyone in these conditions.
Most prescription glasses and many brands of contact lenses now feature a filter which provides UV protection, but it is worth checking with your optometrist that this is in place or requesting the filter with future purchases.

Sunglasses also provide excellent protection against UV light damage. Look out for sunglasses which meet the British Standard (BS EN 12312-1), these will either be marked CE or UV400 or carry the British Standards Kitemark.
Enjoy your time in the sun now, and in the years to come.
Image of woman's face. She is wearing sunglasses: The words Sun Awareness Week 2nd-8th May - protect your eyes against sun damage appear across the image