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World Mental health Day

EYECAN understands the impact sight loss can have on Islanders’ mental health. We make it our business to help people adjust to life after sight loss, but we know that other factors can also affect well-being.

The Covid pandemic has undermined the sense of security for many, as has the energy crisis, the steep rise in the cost of living and concerns about climate change. Since the start of the pandemic the incidence of anxiety and depressive illness has increased dramatically.

Financial assistance to support Islanders who might otherwise struggle through the winter is now available from the Government. We encourage everyone to check their eligibility for this bonus. Community Costs Bonus and Cold Weather Bonus (gov.je).

We also urge anyone who recognises that their mental health is fragile to take those first difficult steps towards aiding their recovery. The Mental Health Network on Gov.je New Mental Health Network for Islanders (gov.je) lists support available in the community. Whilst we recommend that you inform your GP of any problems, some self-referral options can boost your wellbeing by enabling you to engage in activity, social interaction, and relaxation. Recovery College courses have proved particularly popular with EYECAN clients, providing experiences which can lift your spirits whilst helping you feel stronger and more connected with the environment and other people. If you are unable to access on-line information about self-referral options, please ask EYECAN for assistance.

Finally, please do tell staff at EYECAN if you are struggling. We will understand and do everything we can to provide you with the support you need. Your wellbeing is important to us.