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Awareness and Training

Raising awareness about sight loss.

Who and how:

EYECAN is concerned that the needs of Islanders with sight loss should be understood by everyone, from schoolchildren to Health Practitioners, as well as staff in Government Services, Hospitality and Retail. Awareness is raised through training, the Charity’s literature, media items, and events.


Sight loss awareness training can be offered upon request to Care Homes, Government Departments, Health Care settings, Road Maintenance teams, The Women’s Institute, Scouts and to many other parties.


EYECAN runs annual events such as EYECAN Solutions which showcases equipment and services for Islanders with sight loss and Walk in my Shoes which gives participants the opportunity to experience some of the challenges routinely faced by islanders with sight loss. The Charity also attends events organised by outside parties which provide opportunity to showcase the work we do for the benefit of the public.

Awareness dates:

Throughout the year EYECAN endeavours to use pertinent dates, such as National Diabetes Awareness Week, Macular Degeneration Awareness Month, Children’s Eye Health Awareness Month, National Read a Book Day and National Eye Health Awareness Week to raise awareness in the media, and by other means, of important information related to that subject.