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Mental Health Awareness Week 9th – 15th May

If you struggled to use phones, email, or social media how would you maintain your contacts? Would public transport get you directly to your destination at a convenient time or would outings become too difficult to undertake with confidence? Would you persevere with your activities and engagements? Would you feel you had anything interesting to say if your life became restricted?

EYECAN works hard to prevent any Islander from becoming isolated or disempowered by sight loss, but the reality is that loneliness is a risk for people in this situation. The enforced isolation of the pandemic impacted on so many people’s mental health but was an additional blow for those already struggling to adjust to a disability which makes communication much more difficult.

If you know anyone with sight loss, please encourage them to contact EYECAN, or contact the charity yourself if someone you care for has impaired sight. Even in a care setting people can become isolated and lonely if they can’t engage with others.
Be kind to the people around you. Spend that extra five minutes chatting or take a cup of tea with them. Your contact could make all the difference to their quality of life.
Image shows lady looking pensively out the window