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Voisin’s Art Display

Whilst most people with sight loss have some remaining useful vision, life is still full of challenges.

The EYECAN artists represented here have different sight loss conditions and different degrees of sight loss. What each person can see is unique to them. The simulation spectacles on the window also allow you to view the art display as if you have impaired sight.

Artists with sight loss usually have an area of remaining vision that is clearer than another part. That visual field was used by the EYECAN artists to focus on the subject. Good lighting and magnification also helped them to see details.

EYECAN provides a purpose-built environment in which clients’ creativity can flourish. But those same individuals also need to negotiate busy pavements, cook meals, read their mail, and generally get on with their lives. EYECAN supports them with aids, skills training, and social opportunity. Please also support them with your respect and consideration.

The following photos of Gorey Castle give an idea of how that image might look with different sight loss conditions.







Image shows Gorey castle with distortion in the centre as if viewed with a sight impairment