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Brain Injury awareness Week

This week is Brain Injury Awareness week, we’re taking this opportunity to shed light on the impact of brain injuries on people with sight loss. At the age of 41 Gosia was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour. You can read her experience below:

When I was 41 I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour.

Symptoms, which came on gradually were initially difficult to spot. Sometimes I temporarily lost lower peripheral vision, which led to me bumping into things. Then I began to lose sight completely in both eyes for several seconds. Eventually, there were some very scary times when I couldn’t move my body.

I had 2 lots of surgery. In the first operation a shunt was inserted into my head to release the pressure. This was followed by surgery to remove the tumour.

Before I had this operation, I was advised to expect hearing loss in my left ear, and slight facial paralysis on the left side of my face. In addition, I knew I would have some permanent sight loss. However, I am now healthy, I have 2 lovely children and my life is rich with opportunity.

I have EYECAN to thank, not just for practical support, but also for providing me with the chance to meet new people and to engage with new things. I love the weekly art and craft sessions at EYECAN which have led to me joining art courses run by a local artist as well as several on-line courses. I like to experiment and try new things in art.

I also enjoy engaging with people. I love time spent with members and staff up at EYECAN, but I am also involved with Polish school and Jersey Recovery College.

My life didn’t stop after I became sight impaired. In fact, it got better.