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Eye Health Awareness Week

Monday the 18th of September is the start of Eye Health Awareness Week. This is an important annual event in our calendar, offering tips to keep your eyes healthy, but also to raise awareness around preventative measures, particularly in the knowledge that 90% of sight loss can be prevented.

Five key messages will form the framework for that advice.

1) Have your eyes checked every 2 years.
2) Follow a healthy lifestyle for healthy eyes.
3) Take regular breaks from screens.
4) Protect your eyes from harmful ultra-violet rays by wearing sunglasses outside.
5) Wear safety goggles to guard against injury when working with tools or participating in active sports.

Mr Gordon Bowler Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon of the Government of Jersey Eye Clinic said, “A report commissioned by the World Health Organisation revealed that almost 73% of those surveyed noticed a deterioration in their eyes with age and regular monitoring in the community is important to pick up potentially treatable disease early”.

Representatives from EYECAN, working with the Government of Jersey Eye Clinic Team, will be out in the community offering advice and helpful tips for healthier eyes. That advice will include details on the wider support and services offered by EYECAN, including assistance available using technology.

The team will be at the following locations and very much look forward to seeing many of you.

Monday 18th September – 10am – 2pm at NatWest Community Hub in Library Place
Tuesday 19th September – 12pm – 2pm at Liberty Wharf (west entrance)
Wednesday 20th September – 12pm – 2pm at Liberty Bus terminal
Saturday 23rd September – 10am – 3pm King Street junction with Don Street

Mark Coxshall, Chief Executive Officer for EYECAN said, “We are delighted to be working with partners who have welcomed our charity into their premises to help support this annual event. Engagement is a critical part of what we do and the statistics speak for themselves in terms of the preventative measures that can help keep eyes healthy”.

Image shows EYECAN team and display stall in NatWest banking hall market stall