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EYECAN Creates Jubilee Flower Display

EYECAN members have been busy putting the final touches to their floral creations in readiness for their Jubilee Flower Display which will be situated at the entrance to the car park opposite St Martins’ Public Hall from Friday 27th May.

Members have been working for several months at EYECAN’s Westlea Centre creating the 70 decorated flowerheads that will be attached to bamboo canes sunk into the ground. Members have also been decorating 4 large pots that will be planted up with fresh flowers grown from bulbs and seeds.

Getting involved with the Jubilee celebrations has been very important to EYECAN members, many of whom remember the actual Coronation. Most recollect receiving Coronation coins, mugs and stamps, however the street parties for the Silver Jubilee hold a special place in their memories.

Craft classes form a significant part of the activity programme at EYECAN and member, Jean has loved doing something different in craft classes. A sentiment which is endorsed by Gosia who especially likes the fact that this was a collaborative activity.

The novelty of watching the Coronation on TV resonates with many members. Gloria, Norma and Jan remember watching it on the small screen as did Nessie who reminisces, “I remember very well watching the Coronation on a neighbour’s television. I am very proud of the Queen and her complete dedication to the public”. Fellow member Julie feels that 70 years is an amazing achievement and a real milestone in living history.

Kirsty Michon, Day Centre Administrator at EYECAN comments, “It is very important to our members to feel part of the Jubilee celebrations and what better way to do this than putting together a Jubilee Display that everyone can enjoy”. “The display will be in place at the entrance to the Car Park of St Martins Village Green opposite the Public Hall from Friday 27th May 2022 for 2 weeks. We do hope that as many Islanders as possible will come and view the display which is a result of a great deal of hard work and dedication by EYECAN members over the last couple of months”.

For more information about the Jubilee Display and other Member activities please call Kirsty Michon Day Centre Administrator on Tel 864689.