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EYECAN Electric Vehicle Survey

With the increase in the number of electric and hybrid vehicles on the road, EYECAN wishes to understand the impact of these vehicles on pedestrian safety. Whilst these vehicles are understandably beneficial to the environment, they are much quieter on the road than cars with a combustion engine, and therefore are harder to identify for those with a visual impairment who may rely on hearing cars approaching. A report has been compiled by EYECAN into the research around electric/hybrid vehicles and the impact on the safety of vulnerable pedestrians, however we are also undertaking this survey in order to get an understanding from local residents about their views/feelings on electric vehicles, including other silent means of transport, in order to get a full picture about the impact or potential future impact of the presence of these vehicles on Jersey roads. We would be grateful for your time in answering the following questions.


gentleman wearing beige jacket and blue jeans holding an electric charging plug. He is standing by a black car