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EYECAN Walk in My Shoes

This year Walk in My Shoes was held at St Martin’s Village Green a change to our usual venue. The event commemorates Glen Robertson, a former friend of the Charity, who sadly died due to complications of diabetes, the disease which caused his sight loss.

Participants were provided with disposable spectacles simulating diabetic retinopathy. Under sight loss conditions attendees tackled tasks, which included a walk around the Green supported by a sighted guide, a mock-up shopping experience, and a refreshment tent challenge where people were able to order drinks, sandwiches and cakes. The event also featured an activity tent for children that proved very popular!
Our mascot was in attendance and engaged with members of the public.

Thanks to The Macular Society, Diabetes Jersey and Diabetes Retinal Screening department for attending our event and offering preventative, and practical advice to the general public. Special thanks to our corporate Volunteers.