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Our 1000 Children’s Voucher Scheme applicant

Recently James and his mum Julie were invited to EYECAN to accept a goodie bag and look around our facilities at Westlea Centre. James was our 1000 applicant in our Children’s Spectacle Voucher Scheme. The voucher scheme was launched in January 2021 offering all children under the age of 8 £90 towards the pair of prescription glasses. The scheme has assisted just over 1000 applicants and EYECAN have recently increased the amount to £150 to further assist with the rising cost of living prices.

Julie commented
“We used EYECAN’s Spectacle Voucher Scheme for the first time in December 2022 to fund our son’s glasses. It was so easy, we picked up a leaflet at the opticians and filled out a very short form and EYECAN covered £90 towards the cost of the glasses. We have been buying glasses for 5 years and it is an expensive, vital, necessity for James. We massively appreciate what this charity offers and having had the grand tour of their premises in St Martin, we can highly recommend their services if you or anyone in your family has a visual impairment. We were so impressed. Thank you EYECAN for your support!”
Image of James standing and holding his EYECAN goodie bag. He is dressed in a blue jumper and trousers and he is wearing blue glasses. There are paintings and Christmas decorations behind him