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EYECAN Business Plan 2024 – 2026

Image shows Mark Coxshall standing in between Agnetta and Emmaline. They are standing in front of EYECAN pop up banners and wearing red EYECAN T-Shirts. They were attending CI Pride event 2023

We are delighted to share with you our three-year business plan for 2024-2026. The EYECAN team developed this plan in recognition of the need to continually review the services that we offer, ensuring that they remain accessible, and aligned to anyone who might need our assistance. Please enjoy reading our commitment to you and we […]

Voisin’s Art Display

Image shows Gorey castle with distortion in the centre as if viewed with a sight impairment

Whilst most people with sight loss have some remaining useful vision, life is still full of challenges. The EYECAN artists represented here have different sight loss conditions and different degrees of sight loss. What each person can see is unique to them. The simulation spectacles on the window also allow you to view the art display […]